Life of Sri Aurobindo Ghose

Sri Aurobindo Ghose full name was Aurobindo Acroyd Ghose who later on in his life became famous as Sri Aurobindo Maharishi. Furthermore, he was a great scholar, revolutionary, yogi, patriot, philosopher, mystic, poet, humanist, and guru.

Moreover, he was born in a standard Bengali family of Kolkata in 1872 on 15thAugust. In addition, the surroundings of his family environment were full of British culture because his father had a great interest in their culture and lifestyle.

Besides, he has good English speaking skills as he took his early childhood education for an English nanny. After that, he completed his later studies in Darjeeling and London.

Krishna Dhun Ghose (his father) always wanted his son to go into the Indian Civil Services. To make his child an Indian Civil Service officer his Father send him to England and admitted him to a good English school. Furthermore, he was a multi-lingual person who can speak French, Bengali, English, Sanskrit, Greek, etc. splendidly.

Besides, he was very natural to English as it was his childhood language and he mostly converses in English. Furthermore, he knew that English is a good medium to communicate at that time. In addition, he knew that using the English language has many great advantages to exchange ideas, expression, and instruction.

Also, he has great moral character which helps him become a writer, editor, thinker, and teacher. Furthermore, in much of his writing, he wrote about philosophy, Indian culture, humanity, education, religion, politics, and religion.

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