Sri Aurobindo on the right spirit

Sri Aurobindo

Aspire, concentrate in the right spirit and, whatever the difficulties, you are sure to attain the aim you have put before you.

The right spirit is the will to perfect oneself, or the will to be calm, or…it depends, you see,…on the circumstances… it means that in each circumstance there is a spirit which is the suitable spirit, the one you ought to have, the attitude you must inwardly take. It depends on the case.

For example, one may feel a wave of anger or a fit of temper coming from outside; then one should withdraw into an inner calm, a detachment from superficial things, with a will to express only what comes from above and always be submissive to the divine Will. This is the right spirit.

Naturally it always comes back to the same thing, that one must remember the Divine and put oneself at His service and will what He wills.

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