Gems from Sri Aurobindo

Popular teachings from Sri Aurobindo;

“A civilisation is to be judged by the power of its ideas.”

“Evolution is the one eternal dynamic law and hidden process of the earth-nature.”

“All existence is a manifestation of God.”

“Spirituality is a single word expressive of three lines of human aspiration toward divine knowledge, divine love and joy, divine strength.”

“We imagine that the soul is in the body, almost a result and derivation from the body; but it is the body that is in the soul and a result and derivation from the soul.”

“There in the silence few have ever reached, Thou shalt see the Fire burning on the base stone and the deep cavern of thy secret soul.”

“A deeper brotherhood, a yet unfound law of love is the only sure foundation possible for a perfect social evolution, no other can replace it.”

“Only by the ascent to a highest Truth and the descent of that highest Truth can Love be delivered from the cross and placed on the throne.”

“To find, know and possess the Divine existence, consciousness and nature and to live in it for the Divine is our true aim and the one perfection to which we must aspire.”

“True happiness lies in the finding and maintenance of a natural harmony of spirit, mind and body.”

“The heart of man is nearer to the Truth than his intelligence.”

“Without realisation our mental belief cannot become a dynamic reality.”

“The example is more powerful than the instruction.”

“An inch of experience goes farther than a yard of logic.”

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