Visiting Auroville

Auroville forms an interesting and complex experiment that takes place on more than 20 sq kms of scattered settlements in the midst of forested, semi-urban, and beach areas. For someone new it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where Auroville is. To avoid losing your way, here are some tips to make a first visit easier. Generally we recommend visitors to start at the Visitor’s Centre and spend, if possible, a few hours to a day.

For those with more time, a week to ten days is advised for a first visit. One can participate in guest introduction tours or other programmes, eat at the community dining hall, and get a feel of the place. Auroville has so much more to offer than meets the eye at first glance; it is all about a different way of living and receiving the world.

Arranging accomodation: Once you have informed yourself about Auroville’s whereabouts and how to get here, be it from within India itself or from anywhere in the world, you may also care to find a suitable place to stay that fits your need and budget. You can do this through our dedicated website

Please know that during the months of December through February our guesthouses are usually fully booked well in advance as those are the months with cool, fresh, mostly dry and pleasant weather. Book early.

If you only have a couple of hours and want to just hop in and out, go directly to the Visitors’ Centre, known to all cabs and rickshaws in the Pondicherry and Kalapet area. The VC offers you detailed exhibitions and video viewings on the city’s aims and activities, a special section on Matrimandir, and an information centre well-stocked with numerous brochures and handouts on Auroville’s educational and cultural activities. In addition VC offers visitors delicious multicultural cuisine at its popular restaurant, a cappuccino bar, cycle rental etc.

If you are planning to visit Auroville in a group from your school/college or university, we recommend you must first establish contact with Aurovilians in your field of interest so you will not be disappointed, as professionals in Auroville tend to be very busy. Email contacts are available on the web.