Teachings from the Divine Mother and Sri Aurobindo

All Nature dumbly calls to her alone

To heal with her feet the aching throb of life

And break the seals on the dim soul of man

And kindle her fire in the closed heart of things.

  • Sri Aurobindo (in Savitri)

I live completely outside time. A sort of non-existent existence.

I think a few minutes have elapsed while it’s been a very long time.

I am in a hurry. I need all those who love me to understand me.

Courage their armour, faith their sword, they must walk…

Heroes and soldiers of the Army of Light.

Without the Divine, we are limited, incompetent and helpless beings; with the Divine, if we give ourselves entirely to Him, all is possible and our progress is limitless. A special help has come onto the earth for Sri Aurobindo’s centenary year; let us take advantage of it to overcome the ego and emerge into the light.

Happy New Year. — The Mother

O India, land of light and spiritual knowledge! Wake up to your true mission to the world, show the way to union and harmony.

Learnings from the Divine Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Words of Integral Yoga from The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Action: If thy aim be great and thy means small, still act, for by action alone these can increase to thee.

Power of Action: the power which results from a true surrender to the Divine. Our acts interpret an omniscient Force. Nothing we think or do is void or vain. Each is an energy loosed and holds its course.

My Lord, here is Thy advice to all, for this year: “Never boast about anything, let your acts speak for you.”

Accidents: Time’s accidents are steps in its vast scheme.

The world is not an unhappy accident, it is a marvel moving towards its expression.

Aim: The aim of human life is to discover the Divine and to manifest it. Naturally, this discovery leads to happiness, but this happiness is a consequence, not an aim in itself. And it is this mistake of taking a mere consequence for the aim of life that has been the cause of most of the miseries afflicting humanity. Let our aim be victory in the battle, not the escape from all conflict.

The object of Life is growth of the soul, not outward success of the hour or even of the near future. No victory can be won without a fixed fidelity to the aim and a long effort. There is no other way than to persevere.


ü All is but Himself objectifying Himself.

ü All here is a mystery of contraries.

ü All contraries are aspects of God’s face.

ü All can be done if the God-touch is there.

ü All here must learn to obey a higher law.

ü All is too little that the world can give.

ü All life is fixed in an ascending scale.

ü All is the commerce of a secret Power.

ü All is a single plan.

ü All that denies must be torn out and slain.

ü All things shall manifest the covert God.

ü All things hang here between God’s yes and no.

ü All things shall change in God’s transfiguring hour.

ü All we have done is ever still to do.

ü All life, all works are a transaction between the soul and Nature.

Alone: Never forget that you are alone. The Divine is with you helping and guiding you. He is the companion who never fails, the friend whose love comforts and strengthens. Have faith and He will do everything for you.

Ananda: A spiritual Ananda can flow into the body and inundate cell and tissue.

Ananda is the secret delight from which all things are born, by which all is sustained in existence and to which all can rise in the spiritual culmination.

Aspiration: Let your highest aspiration organise your life. All souls who aspire are under my direct care. — The Mother.

Aspire intensely but without impatience. Keep burning the flame of your aspiration and all will be all right. The highest aspirations of man are nothing but the expression of the Divine Will or Spirit in Nature through human consciousness.

No sincere aspiration to the Divine can fail in the end. Sincere aspiration is an aspiration that is not mixed with any egoistic or self-interested calculation.

Ascend: Ascend thy high self, create and endure. Ascend from nature to Divine’s heights.

Ashram Life: The Ashram symbolises all the difficulties to be resolved.

People are here to change their consciousness. Unless they become, all of them, true to their aim, nothing true can be done.

We are all born for the highest Ideal: therefore, whenever in our Ashram some petty request for more comfort and material happiness is refused, it is for your own good and to make you fulfil what you are here for. The refusal is actually a favour inasmuch as you are thereby considered worthy to stand before the highest Ideal and be shaped according to it.

The moment one enters the life of the Ashram and takes up the yoga, he ceases to belong to any creed or caste or race; he is one of Sri Aurobindo’s disciples and nothing else. — The Mother.

We are not here to begin once more, continue, perpetuate what is done elsewhere. What we are attempting here is to prove to the world, through a concrete example, that by some inner psychological realisation and some outer organisation a world can be created where most of the causes of human misery will cease to exist.

People who feel miserable here and find that they have not the comfort they require ought not to stay. We are not in a position to do more than we do, and, after all, our aim is not to give to people a comfortable life but to prepare them for a Divine Life which is quite a different affair.

Attachment: All that is based on human relationship is unstable and transient,

mixed and unsatisfactory; it is only what is established in the Divine and through the Divine that can last and give satisfaction.

Keep yourself free from all human attachment and you will be happy. Remembrance is a dangerous ally of attachment.

Attempt: An attempt is a small thing, but it can be a promise for the future.

Attentive: Nothing is impossible for one who is attentive.

Atheism: Atheism is a necessary protest against the wickedness of the Churches and the narrowness of creeds. God used it as a stone to smash these soiled cardhouses. As long as there are religions, atheism will be necessary to counterbalance them. Both must disappear to give way to a sincere and disinterested search for Truth and a total consecration to the object of this search.

Attractions: This is indeed one of the three forces –power, wealth, sex — that have the strongest attraction for the human ego and the Asura and are most generally misused by those who retain them…

Authority: I clearly see, the body clearly realizes that it’s only its own resistance — its resistance to the Truth — that makes it possible for it to suffer. Wherever there is complete adherence, suffering disappears instantly.

But it’s the same thing for countries and nations: it’s the same change of authorityInstead of personal authorities, there will be a divine authority, and the same change of authority causes the unspeakable chaos we live in — because of the resistance.

Auroville: Auroville is intended to hasten the advent of the supramental reality upon earth. The help of all those who find that the world is not what it ought to be is welcome. Each one must know if he wants to associate himself with an old world on the verge of death, or to work for a new and better world ready to be born.

Balance: Perfect Balance: One of the Most important conditions of a growing peace.

Battle: Each step forward is a battle.

Beauty: Beauty, you are my way to the Divine. Let Beauty be your constant ideal. Beauty of the soul. Beauty of feelings. Beauty of thoughts. Beauty of action. Beauty in work.

Becoming: All creation or becoming is nothing but this Self-manifestation.

Behaviour: The behaviour of others towards you will be correct in so far as your behaviour towards them is correct.

Belief: “Belief shall be not till the work is done.”

Bitter: When we get bitter we lose our Divine contact and become very “bitterly” human…


My love and blessings are with you. Understand that blessings are for the best spiritual result, not necessarily according to human wishes.

Sometimes not to give blessings is a greater Grace than to give.

People ask my blessings for so many things — for business, for work, for going on journeys, for the help of the family, for their own help, and I give them. I don’t tell them, but from my side I give blessings for only one thing: the growth of the soul. All the other things that people ask don’t concern me.”

Blossoming: Life must blossom like a flower offering itself to the Divine.

Body: Our body is a mystery shop. Our body’s cells must hold the Immortal’s flame. The Divine is present in the very atoms of our body.

The aim of physical education here is not to produce champions or winning athletes, but to train the body and perfect it to become an instrument capable of manifesting on the physical plane a higher consciousness and force.

Our Body is the occult agent of the Earth and the Earth of the Universal. Our body is an integral creation; a fractal of the Whole. “Separateness” of our body is a partial appearance, even false.

Ah! I noticed that the cells, everywhere, you know, completely, all the time, were repeating OM NAMA BHAGAVATE, OM NAMO BHAGAVATE … constantly, all the time.

Books: …there are the very few who want to understand life, its purpose and its goal. For them, Sri Aurobindo’s books are the best reading of all.

It is no use reading books of guidance if one is not determined to live what they teach.

Brahman: The Brahman indeed is both for the Upanishads and the Gita all that is and lives and moves… It is not solely an impersonal Infinite or an unthinkable and incommunicable Absolute. One Brahman, one reality in Self and Nature is the object of all knowledge.

Business: The age of Capitalism and business is drawing to a close. All is too little that the world can give.

Call: All Nature dumbly calls to her alone.

Heaven’s call is rare, rarer the heart that heeds.

I am always aware of your call and always send an answer.

In the quietness of the mind you will receive it.

Calm: Calm is self’s victory overcoming fate.

Care: Nothing is too small to be neglected, the same care meets all circumstances.

Certitude: The certitude of the Victory gives an infinite patience with the maximum of energy. We must march on with a quiet certitude that what has to be done will be done. It is not a hope but a certitude that the complete transformation of the nature will take place.

Chance: There is a meaning in each play of Chance.

Forfeiting the spirit’s lonely chance in Time

And no news of him reach the waiting gods,

Marked “missing” in the register of souls,

His name the index of a failing hope,

The position of a dead remembered star.

Change: Change yourself and the circumstances will change.

When you are truly changed, everything around you will also be changed.

All things shall change in God’s transfiguring hour.

Chastity: Chastity is freedom from the physical and vital obsession, a natural and spontaneous self-control, in a pure ingathered steadiness.

Cheerfulness: Cheerfulness is the salt of the sadhana. It is a thousand times better than gloominess.

Circumstances: All the circumstances of life are arranged to teach us that, beyond mind, faith in the Divine Grace gives us the strength to go through all trials, to overcome all weaknesses, and find the contact with the Divine Consciousness which gives us not only peace and joy but also physical balance and good health. There is a meaning in each curve and line.

He who lives to serve the truth is not affected by outward circumstances.

Always circumstances come to reveal the hidden weaknesses that have to be overcome. In spite of what the ignorant men believe, it is the inner vibrations that are responsible for the exterior events. Let all circumstances, all happenings in life be occasions, constantly renewed, for learning more and ever more.

Clarity: Clear mind: the first step on the road to conversion.

Cooking: The idea that women should cook for males is against my principles. Are they slaves?

Collaboration: Collaboration and reciprocal goodwill are indispensable for good work. It is when things are going wrong that it is the best opportunity to show one’s goodwill and spirit of true collaboration.

Collectivity: Each of us is always a collectivity but we aren’t aware of it, and if anything were taken away, it would unbalance the whole.

Companion: Never forget that you are not alone. The Divine is with you helping and guiding you. He is the companion who never fails, the friend whose love comforts and strengthens. Have faith and He will do everything for you.

Compassion: The compassion seeks to relieve the suffering of all, whether they deserve it or not. It is a pity full of strength and kindness, a pity that pardons and makes amends, forgets all offences and wants always what is best for everyone.

Human pity is born of ignorance and weakness; it is the slave of emotional

impressions. Divine compassion understands, discerns and saves.

Concentration: The faculty of concentrated attention is at the source of all successful activity.

Consent: All would change if man could once consent to be spiritualised; but his nature, menial and vital and physical, is rebellious to the higher law. He loves his imperfection.

Contact with the Divine: What should we do to remain always in contact with

the Divine, so that no person or event can draw us away from this contact?

Mother: Aspiration. Sincerity.

Consciousness: Consciousness is the breath that gives life to all. A change in human consciousness will make possible the manifestation upon earth of a higher Force, a purer Light, a more total Truth.

Just fall asleep in this Consciousness — just call it, call it… it’s very comfortable, oh!… It’s a kind of golden softness — very comfortable — and the body feels it very clearly.

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